In addition to the line-up of classics we keep on hand, our krauts are often inspired by what’s seasonally available from our friends at the farmers market. Follow us on Instagram to keep up with our latest creations.

  • pat’s naked (basic cabbage & salt brine)
  • tata (like pat’s with red cabbage too)
  • bavarian (caraway)
  • lemon dill (if a pickle & pat’s had a baby)
  • vincent’s (sunflower microgreens)
  • apple pie (apple, ginger, warming spices)
  • peace (hemp seeds, walnuts, microgreens)
  • king tut (fresh grated turmeric, black pepper, onion)
  • bunny (carrot, radish, fennel)
  • russian (red cabbage & caraway)
  • moroccan (ras al hanout spice blend, onion, carrots, currants)
  • zinger (jicama & hibiscus)
  • ginger beet (detox delight)
  • pony boy (horseradish, bell pepper, celery seed)
  • jimmy pesto (local basil, garlic, sunflower microgreens)
  • blue moon (carrot, horseradish, daikon, & caraway)
  • south texas (jalapeno, cumin, lime)
  • chipotle (onion & smoky pepper)
  • curtido (carrot, oregano, cumin)
  • thai good (young coconut, lemongrass, local thai basil, bird’s eye chili)
  • scissortail kimchi (carrot, daikon, gochugaru)
  • kimchi reserve (extra ginger, plus horseradish & red pepper flake)
  • el kimchi (habanero, cumin, lime, gochugaru)


  • cry baby dills (classic half-sour cucumber)
  • fifi’s pico (tomatillo pico de gallo)
  • giardiniara (garden veggies)
  • escabeche (cauliflower, carrot, jalapeno)
  • dang! (no joke spicy daikon)
  • seasonal lacto pickles & kimchi (okra, green tomatoes, turnip green kimchi)
  • salsa starters (DIY spice for avocado, mango, or tomato salsa)